Succession Planning

Business Succession
Family business owners believe their heirs will control their business upon retirement or death; however, statistics often prove otherwise. Unfortunately, due to a lack of succession planning, only about 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, and less than 12% make it to the third generation. By thinking about management, ownership, and continuity issues in advance, owners can be better assured the business they built will continue successfully after they are gone.

Buy-Sell – Continuation
Buy-Sell agreements create a formal process to handle the retirement, death, or disability of a business owner. They can also protect multiple owners when one owner’s interests may not coincide with the interests of other owners. Working with your other trusted consultants, Shepherd Financial's advisors can help you create an agreement that will prepare for the efficient, predictable, and orderly transfer of business ownership and operations.

Business Valuation
Business valuation is part art and part science. A valuation is fundamentally a process for informing the decisions you make with your business – likely your most significant financial asset. After a careful review of your unique situation, Shepherd Financial, in conjunction with other professionals, can deliver a perceptive analysis.

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