Shepherd Institute

Improve Participant Outcomes

Shepherd Institute was established because of our passion for delivering high quality education to both plan trustees and participants. Guidance and knowledge are presented in an easy-to-understand format, enabling implementation that improves various financial circumstances for all individuals.

Fiduciary Training
Shepherd Financial offers ongoing fiduciary training to help you become better prepared to face your specific fiduciary duties. Our training focuses on your roles and responsibilities, the selection and monitoring of service providers, communications with your participants, and how to deal with heightened scrutiny from the Department of Labor.

Financial Wellness Program
The success of your plan depends upon the participation and engagement of your employees. Shepherd Financial will design and implement an effective communication program specifically tailored to your workforce demographics. This targeted program enhances the overall financial IQ of your employees and helps them navigate their financial circumstances successfully. Programs are available in group settings and also presented via a monthly webinar series for all clients of Shepherd Financial.

    • The Basics of Investing
    • Budgeting and Debt Management
    • College Funding
    • Identity Theft
    • Estate Planning
    • Women and Investing
    • Eldercare Planning
    • Pre-Retirement Planning
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