Retirement Income Planning

Pre-Retirement Planning
Most workers prepare for retirement by focusing on whether or not they have saved enough. Just as important is developing a vision for how you want to spend your time in retirement. The advisors at Shepherd Financial can help you determine just how much money you will need to have a successful outcome.

Post-Retirement Planning
Our advisors at Shepherd Financial can help you in determining how much to safely withdraw from your savings each year and implementing strategies to help your nest egg last a lifetime.

Retirement Income Analysis
Utilizing powerful diagnostic software, a Shepherd Financial advisor will review your current financial situation and suggest potential planning ideas and concepts that will help your achieve a desired level of income in retirement from a life's worth of work.

Timing of Social Security Benefits
One of the biggest decisions about retirement is when to claim your Social Security benefit. Maximizing your Social Security is much more complex - especially for married couples. While a poor decision can cost people tens to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in benefit, Shepherd Financial's advisors help by advising you on the right decision - which could give you a significant increase in your retirement income.

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